Swift Reader 2.3 is coming to the marketplace

Swift Reader 2.3 is coming to the Windows Phone marketplace soon. Some of the exciting changes that come in this release are:

  • NewsBlur folder support. This means you can now group related feeds together and view those feeds as a group. You are also able to pin this group to your Windows Phone start screen for quick access. Note: this feature will require you to have a Premium NewsBlur accout to function correctly. Standard users will only get the first few articles from the group.
  • The Feeds view on the main panorama now displays an option to view Starred articles and Unread articles.
  • The Feeds view on the main panorama has also been cleaned up and now displays the feeds FavIcon next to the title and the feed url has been removed from the display.
  • The main Feeds view has been changed to display a single list of articles instead of the All and Unread list. The new list of articles can now be switched between viewing All articles or Unread Only by clicking on the All/Unread label above the list of articles.
  • Articles can now be set to be auto marked as read when they are view instead of having to perform this task manually.
  • The Readability and Instapaper mobilizers have been better integrated into Swift Reader.
  • Sharing has been enhanced to allow an article to be shared via Email, SMS/Text, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pocket and Instapaper.

Swift Reader Home Screen

For more details and screenshots of this new version, please visit the Swift Reader page

Please, as always, do let us know through the comments or from the feedback button within Swift Reader about any issue or enhancements you would like to see in future releases.





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